The Sweetest Thing

Is the most romantic thing you can say to a partner ‘I don’t need you’? This is a short post about dismantling the idea of That Special Someone, and keeping people in your life because you want them there, not because you need things from them. Read The Sweetest Thing


The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy

Louisa Leontiades (@AskLouloria) looks at how the mainstream media equates polyamory with sex, and how that has impacted people’s perception of the word polyamory. The author explains this is one of her reasons adopting the term relationship anarchy. Read The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy


The Word “Partner” and Relationship Anarchy

The Thinking Asexual questions how to create equality in relationships with the words we use to describe them. The word “partner” has a lot of meaning attached to it from the monogamous world, meaning that relationship anarchy seeks to reject. With the limited words we have, what is the alternative to partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband,…


Out On The Open Sea With Boats Without Owners

Ane Vegane’s article on DIY Conspiracy (@DIYconspiracy) writes about having ‘deep and uncompromising’ relationships with her friends. She has a great way of explaining how If we don’t use hierarchies, we won’t have ‘primary’ partners or ‘best’ friends. Relationships can unfold naturally, without expectations or strict boundaries. Read Out On The Open Sea With Boats…


Podcast: The Rise of Relationship Anarchy

Ian MacKenzie (@ianmack) interviews Mel Mariposa (@PolySingleish) to discuss relationship anarchy, developing community, and having authentic relationships. They get into some interesting stuff that you rarely read about in RA posts. There is also a transcript posted if you’re unable to listen. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript The Rise of Relationship Anarchy

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Relying on Friendship in a World Made for Couples

Although this piece by Briallen Hopper (@briallenhopper) on @TheCut doesn’t mention relationship anarchy at all, it is a really well written and thoughtful piece about the way society values couples over friendships. As someone who has always put a ton of energy into my friendships, this article really spoke to me. Read Relying on Friendship…

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No, You Don’t Need Rules For Polyamory

In this article by Miri (@sondosia), she only briefly mentions relationship anarchy, but she does make the case for not having relationship rules. She discusses how broken rules can place blame on someone else, where if you don’t have rules you must take responsibility for yourself and your own feelings. Read No, You Don’t Need…