Poly Pocket: Building Intentional Community and Relationship Anarchy

Carolyn Yates (@c_yates) interviews Josie Kearns, a 33 year-old queer, poly, white, trans woman about opening up her relationship, identifying as a relationship anarchist and living in an intentional community.  Read Poly Pocket: Building Intentional Community and Relationship Anarchy


The Short Instructional Manifesto for Relationship Anarchy

Originally posted in 2006 on a Swedish website. Written by Andie Nordgren (@nordgren), one of the first people to use the term relationship anarchy. This is a great starting point for someone just starting to look into RA. It has nine short paragraphs that cover the basics, from valuing each relationship independently to designing commitments…

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Seven Forms of Non-Monogamy

An article on Psychology Today (@PsychToday), written by Dr. Elisabeth Sheff (@drelisheff1), who is a global expert on polyamory and also the author of The Polyamorists Next Door. In this article, she explore the spectrum of non-monogamy, from cheating (unethical, non-consensual non-monogamy) through polygamy, swinging and RA. Read Seven Forms of Non-Monogamy


Infinite Relationships: Relationships Without Bounds or Boundaries, Love Without Limits

The author writes about his experience redefining romantic relationships & friends vs. lovers. He spent time touring with his band, and notice the close bonds that were formed. His friendships were allowed to evolve in an unlimited number of ways, and they also had very few demands placed on the people in the relationship. This…


Out On The Open Sea With Boats Without Owners

Ane Vegane’s article on DIY Conspiracy (@DIYconspiracy) writes about having ‘deep and uncompromising’ relationships with her friends. She has a great way of explaining how If we don’t use hierarchies, we won’t have ‘primary’ partners or ‘best’ friends. Relationships can unfold naturally, without expectations or strict boundaries. Read Out On The Open Sea With Boats…


Podcast: The Rise of Relationship Anarchy

Ian MacKenzie (@ianmack) interviews Mel Mariposa (@PolySingleish) to discuss relationship anarchy, developing community, and having authentic relationships. They get into some interesting stuff that you rarely read about in RA posts. There is also a transcript posted if you’re unable to listen. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript The Rise of Relationship Anarchy


New Sexual Revolution: Polyamory May Be Good for You

Stephanie Pappas in Scientific American (@sciam) discusses how research on the poly community is growing. Scientist are finding that compared to monogamous folks, poly people are better at communicating and self reflection, and practice safer sex. Best quote from the article: “People in these relationships really communicate. They communicate to death.”  Read New Sexual Revolution:…