The Short Instructional Manifesto for Relationship Anarchy

Originally posted in 2006 on a Swedish website. Written by Andie Nordgren (@nordgren), one of the first people to use the term relationship anarchy. This is a great starting point for someone just starting to look into RA. It has nine short paragraphs that cover the basics, from valuing each relationship independently to designing commitments…


Infinite Relationships: Relationships Without Bounds or Boundaries, Love Without Limits

The author writes about his experience redefining romantic relationships & friends vs. lovers. He spent time touring with his band, and notice the close bonds that were formed. His friendships were allowed to evolve in an unlimited number of ways, and they also had very few demands placed on the people in the relationship. This…

The Sweetest Thing

Is the most romantic thing you can say to a partner ‘I don’t need you’? This is a short post about dismantling the idea of That Special Someone, and keeping people in your life because you want them there, not because you need things from them. Read The Sweetest Thing


The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy

Louisa Leontiades (@AskLouloria) looks at how the mainstream media equates polyamory with sex, and how that has impacted people’s perception of the word polyamory. The author explains this is one of her reasons adopting the term relationship anarchy. Read The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy


The Appropriation of Relationship Anarchy by Non-Anarchists

After Louisa Leontiades (@AskLouloria) wrote The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy, some people felt as though the term relationship anarchy was being appropriated. This article reflects on that, and explains what relationship anarchy means to her. Read The Appropriation of Relationship Anarchy by Non-Anarchists


The Word “Partner” and Relationship Anarchy

The Thinking Asexual questions how to create equality in relationships with the words we use to describe them. The word “partner” has a lot of meaning attached to it from the monogamous world, meaning that relationship anarchy seeks to reject. With the limited words we have, what is the alternative to partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband,…


Out On The Open Sea With Boats Without Owners

Ane Vegane’s article on DIY Conspiracy (@DIYconspiracy) writes about having ‘deep and uncompromising’ relationships with her friends. She has a great way of explaining how If we don’t use hierarchies, we won’t have ‘primary’ partners or ‘best’ friends. Relationships can unfold naturally, without expectations or strict boundaries. Read Out On The Open Sea With Boats…

Relationship Anarchy vs. Nonhierarchical Polyamory

The Thinking Asexual three types of non-monogamy: hierarchical polyamory, non-hierarchical polyamory and relationship anarchy. The differences between non-hierarchical poly and RA can be a confusing, this post goes over some of the reasons they are different. It  also delves into how an RA might view non-romantic / nonsexual friendships. Read Relationship Anarchy vs. Nonhierarchial Polyamory