Boundaries Not Rules

Boundaries Not Rules

Full Transcript: Hi, I’m Kale. Today I want to talk about relationship rules, and why I don’t have any, and boundaries, and why I think they are really important. Both monogamous and non-monogamous relationships can have rules. These rules can be either assumed or explicitly agreed upon. For example, it is common for a monogamous…


Looking for love in too many languages..Polyamory? Relationship Anarchy? Dyke Ethics? Significant Otherness? All My Relations?

A very good article by The Critical Polyamorist (@CriticalPoly), where she examines her relationship with nonmonogamy, how she has struggled against a couple-centric, rule bound society and how she works daily against her conditioned monogamy.

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No, You Don’t Need Rules For Polyamory

In this article by Miri (@sondosia), she only briefly mentions relationship anarchy, but she does make the case for not having relationship rules. She discusses how broken rules can place blame on someone else, where if you don’t have rules you must take responsibility for yourself and your own feelings. Read No, You Don’t Need…