Radical Self Reliance and Community Responsibility

Mel Mariposa (@PolySingleish) writes about the downside of Radical Self Reliance, one of the ten principles of Burning Man. She examines the problems with placing individuals above community, and how intimacy and compassion suffer when Radical Self Reliance trumps connecting to the people around you. Read Radical Self Reliance and Community Responsibility

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Relying on Friendship in a World Made for Couples

Although this piece by Briallen Hopper (@briallenhopper) on @TheCut doesn’t mention relationship anarchy at all, it is a really well written and thoughtful piece about the way society values couples over friendships. As someone who has always put a ton of energy into my friendships, this article really spoke to me. Read Relying on Friendship…

Consent Accidents and Consent Violation

Dr. Charlie Glickman (@charlieglickman), a sex educator and author of The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, wrote a blog post about Consent Accidents, which he defines as different from consent violations. Consent accidents ‘happen because of error, miscommunication, misunderstanding, or not having all the information.’ What should we do if we violate a person’s consent…


Looking for love in too many languages..Polyamory? Relationship Anarchy? Dyke Ethics? Significant Otherness? All My Relations?

A very good article by The Critical Polyamorist (@CriticalPoly), where she examines her relationship with nonmonogamy, how she has struggled against a couple-centric, rule bound society and how she works daily against her conditioned monogamy.