Relationship Anarchy vs. Nonhierarchical Polyamory

The Thinking Asexual three types of non-monogamy: hierarchical polyamory, non-hierarchical polyamory and relationship anarchy. The differences between non-hierarchical poly and RA can be a confusing, this post goes over some of the reasons they are different. It  also delves into how an RA might view non-romantic / nonsexual friendships. Read Relationship Anarchy vs. Nonhierarchial Polyamory

Relationship Anarchy is Not Post-Polyamory

This blog post was written by flamingfoxtale (@imnocowboy) on the website Emotional Mutation in response to the article The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy, written by Louise Leontiades (@AskLouloria). Flamingfoxtale writes that relationship anarchy is not just a different way of doing intimacy; it’s an integration of your relationship politics with your…

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The World Won’t Let Me Own The Friend Zone

Ghia Vitale (@GhiaWasHere) writes about her struggles using the word ‘friend’ to describe all of her relationships. Trying to live without hierarchies can result in erasure of important people in your life, as people still struggle to grasp new styles of relationships. Read The World Won’t Let Me Own The Friend Zone