Looking for love in too many languages..Polyamory? Relationship Anarchy? Dyke Ethics? Significant Otherness? All My Relations?

A very good article by The Critical Polyamorist (@CriticalPoly), where she examines her relationship with nonmonogamy, how she has struggled against a couple-centric, rule bound society and how she works daily against her conditioned monogamy.

Relationship Anarchy is Not Post-Polyamory

This blog post was written by flamingfoxtale (@imnocowboy) on the website Emotional Mutation in response to the article The Mass Exodus of Polyamorous People Toward Relationship Anarchy, written by Louise Leontiades (@AskLouloria). Flamingfoxtale writes that relationship anarchy is not just a different way of doing intimacy; it’s an integration of your relationship politics with your…


Relationship Anarchy: we each only do what we want / my intentions & desires in all connections

Belenen (@belenen) on why they identify as a relationship anarchist. How do we make space for growth in our relationships, and value them beyond the standard escalator model? They write about relationships being ‘continuously voluntary associations’ and commitments as ‘making decision anew every day’. Read Blog Post

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The World Won’t Let Me Own The Friend Zone

Ghia Vitale (@GhiaWasHere) writes about her struggles using the word ‘friend’ to describe all of her relationships. Trying to live without hierarchies can result in erasure of important people in your life, as people still struggle to grasp new styles of relationships. Read The World Won’t Let Me Own The Friend Zone

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No, You Don’t Need Rules For Polyamory

In this article by Miri (@sondosia), she only briefly mentions relationship anarchy, but she does make the case for not having relationship rules. She discusses how broken rules can place blame on someone else, where if you don’t have rules you must take responsibility for yourself and your own feelings. Read No, You Don’t Need…


Lessons to Our Younger Selves- Polysingleish Interviews Louisa Leontiades

Louisa Leontiades (@AskLouloria), who runs the blog Postmodern Woman, has written some great articles about relationship anarchy. In this post, she is interviewed by Mel (@PolySingleish) and they talk about her writing, non monogamy in Europe, living outside the norm, and self reflection. Read the interview here

Part 3: issues & contradictions re: “relationship anarchy” and “non-hierarchy”

In Part 3, blogger Rotten Zucchini writes about some of the contradictions that can pop up when we want our relationships to approaching relationships without expectations and wanting them to be equal. Read Part 3: issues & contradictions re: “relationship anarchy” and “non-hierarchy”